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Introduction to creative mark making with stitch and fabric

10 - 5

Cost: £125 (includes materials, light lunch and refreshments)

This one-day workshop will introduce you to simple printing and stitching techniques.

A selection of vintage and new fabrics will be provided for you to experiment with using a heat press printing technique and different hand stitching methods which will include applique, simple quilting and mending techniques connecting with traditional stitching methods such Kantha stitching.

Kantha stitching is a traditional Indian stitching technique that uses a simple running stitch to bind fabrics together to create a beautifully stitched surface.

This workshop is about breathing new life into old fabric and giving them a new decorative purpose.

You will spend the day experimenting in the relaxed creative setting of the Wink at No 14 space, exploring different printed base fabric surfaces to start your experimental mark making using stitch.

All abilities welcome.

Spaces are limited to 5, so please book early.

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