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I graduated in 1997 with a BA (Hons) Embroidery from MMU.  In the same year I won the Embroiderer's Guild Scholarship which enabled me to tour with my textiles and help me set up my Community Art Practice.  I freelanced for six years creating community art projects for schools, museums, hospitals and art centres. 



For the past 10 years my textile practice has taken a back seat working for the National Trust as a Conservation Assistant, as Craft Adviser for the  charitable organisations and art centers and various full time and part time teaching roles.

One morning while working at NT property Mompesson House in Salisbury I opened the shutters to find myself emersed in shafts of light with dust motes dancing around me.

That same day I was gently hoovering a pair of blue velvet curtains owned by Denis Martineau and I was captivated by the perfect blue tinged dust circle that is trapped in gauze held between the hoover nozzle. This circle of dust is a way of preventing anything of importance getting lost and to also reveal if there is any evidence of insect/bug being presence.


These circles are examined and thrown away, but for some reason that day I kept this one. It sparked a thread of creativity and I decided that I would re-ignite my textile/embroidery practice and made the step to return to studying for my MA in textiles.

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