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'Reflections of South Hill Park'

Consuo Textile Art exhibition - South Hill Park 30th September - 5 September 2023

13 of the 16 Consuo members will be exhibiting original textile work reflecting on 50 years of South Hill Park.

My textile piece reflects my own memories of South Hill Park, having worked for the Arts Centre in 2001/2 during a Lottery Funded refurbishment project. My memories of plastic sheeting which had been hung to prevent dust from escaping the works while the new atrium was being built is something that I will always remember. This piece 'Connecting the Past - Dust Cloth' is a 9m silk chiffon length of embossed/bound fabric which will waft much like the plastic sheeting use to as I walked around the site in 2001/2.

263 dust circles have been created using dust collected at South Hill Park, these dust circles represent 263 years since William Watts re-modelled the building in 1760. 50 of these dust circles will also have gold leaf applied to them to signify the 50 years since the building became an Arts Centre.

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